Military Patches

Collecting military patches is a fast-growing hobby and field of interest. It continues to receive attention as people use the patches as a genuine, creative way to show off their national pride on a daily basis!

The colorful embroidered patches are so versatile in their use too. They can be put onto your clothing or mounted within glass to hang on the wall. They make a great present for army enthusiasts or anyone who is proud of the great country we live in!

Military shoulder patches come in a range of shapes and colors. We carry a diverse collection of patches that pay tribute to the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and many other sections that are so honor worthy for the courage they embody. It is our pleasure to help you honor them with our patches for their roles in representing our country and protecting our freedoms. As we frequently update our gallery online, we urge you to check in regularly to see what new designs we create to honor these outstanding men and women.

We are happy to provide custom designs for you, according to your preferences. Simply provide us with a sketch or illustration that you wish to be put onto a patch, and our designer will use it to craft one for you! We will let you know if we require additional details or have questions about it during the production process as we want you to be 100% happy with the results.

All of our patches for military troops are standard size and use top-quality thread to extend the lifespan of the item. The thread is woven strong into the design and reinforced so that you have no issues with it unraveling, even if you put the patch onto a piece of clothing that you regularly wear. The army patches come in multi-color designs, and common shapes are round, rectangular and triangular.

What sets us apart from competitors?

We take care to craft the perfect army badge for you, no matter what style you order. We understand that the military holds strong sentimental value for many people, and that is a major reason we do not let substandard product leave our premises. We pride ourselves in providing top-quality patches for every single order.

In addition, we are unique because we have no minimum order requirement. While ordering several patches at once is an efficient way to grow your collection, you are welcome to order one patch at a time. We do not believe in minimums as we welcome all fans of embroidered patches and understand that ordering large quantities is not feasible for every budget. That reasoning also keeps our prices affordable, even for custom projects where you get a one-of-a-kind patch exactly to your specifications.

Our military patches are easy to attach to clothing or accessories. We offer them in Velcro hook and loop backings for your convenience. Affix them to the back or arms of a favorite jacket, to shirt sleeves or any other type of clothing that you want to shine brightly with pride! They also look magnificent on bags and hats. Hang them within a frame on the wall of an office or bedroom, or give them in a matted frame as a present to a friend or family member who is hard to please.

Browse our sample collection of military patches to see examples of the high-quality workmanship we do here and types available for order. We understand that our patches represent the navy, army and other important soldier divisions, which is why we only use top-quality materials and employ talented designers. Order your patch today through our contact form to pay respect to the military men and women who so deserve to be honored and to show off your national pride!

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